Monday, 16 July 2007

POGO Yeah, woohoo, there's something in the air

I'm a sucker for a good bassline and a catchy riff and Pogo by "Digitalism" has both. Saw it first as an embedded video on someones MySpace page and the vids fantastic too

You can hear New Order style guitars in there a mile off but it sounds really fresh and new - a crossover between 80's Synthpop, current underground dance and Indie, the latter not really my thing but I can't stop playing this tune!

Having rushed out and bought the album at the weekend I can say that first impressions are that the rest of the album isn't much like this tune. It reminds me a lot of Daft Punk & Air, the French connection is much more obvious when you hear the album and it's more dance orientated - a good listen nevertheless

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